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U.S. Federation for Middle East Peace (“UFMEP”) has hosted numerous interfaith events with a mission to promote non-violence, religious tolerance, mutual respect and camaraderie. These events have additionally incorporated unique themes and approaches in order to provide diverse takes on interfaith discussions. This includes the integration of youth views and gendered perspectives into the interfaith dialogue process through events featuring women and students from various religious and cultural backgrounds. Additionally, UFMEP has previously invited an unprecedented congregation of 30 rabbis and imams from 13 European countries to the United Nations headquarters in New York City to discuss peace initiatives. President of UFMEP, Mrs. Sally (“Salwa”) Kader, has also served as key speaker at different events including the 10th Dialogue for the United Nations Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue Series and a Hindu-Muslim interfaith discussion hosted by UFMEP. These events among others serve to reinforce one of the Federation’s primary objectives to build bridges of understanding between different groups of people to achieve peace.

“The US Federation for Middle East Peace (USFMEP), along with the Permanent Mission of Armenia, the SK Foundation and the International Organization for Justice, Peace, and Security brought together young people from a number of faith traditions to discuss interfaith dialogue in a time of great complexity. Ms. Sally Kader, USFMEP President, remembered the victims of the tragic shootings in Norway last Friday. She said that now more than ever the dialogue among faith traditions needs to become more elevated. Ms. Kader is a devoted peacemaker and human rights activist who has promoted interfaith/intercultural dialogue, the rights of the child and of widows, and has promoted support of Security Council Resolution 1325 on women in armed conflict since 2001.”

            -South-South News on the “Youth Interfaith Dialogue” event sponsored by UFMEP

Interfaith (Intercultural) Events

Women are mirrored in Each Other-2012 Interfaith Rally-2011

University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD)-2010

Religions for Understanding-2009

Muslims’ and Hindus’ Vision of Understanding-2008Culture Of Peace-2008

Towards a Global Family- A Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue-2008

Culture Of Peace-2008